Tell Peter Dunne: TPPA is not a Dunne deal!


Remember the TPPA? 

You probably do. On February 4th, tens of thousands of everyday New Zealanders hit the streets around the country to protest the signing of the unwanted and anti-democratic deal.

Why did we protest? In short, because: If TPPA goes ahead, big corporations get new rights, and we as citizens lose ours.1 

Even though the TPPA has been signed, a lot has to happen before it comes into force - if ever.

First, the New Zealand government has to pass changes to our laws so that they fall into line with the TPPA. These changes are contained in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Amendment Bill. This Bill is likely to have its third and final reading in Parliament this week.

Second, both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate have to sign-off on the agreement. This is easier said than done, as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have said that they will reject they TPPA if they get into office.  

Barack Obama is still pushing for the TPPA to be passed before he steps down as President. His last chance to do this is the period between the US Presidential election and when the new President comes into office on 20th January 2017 (this is called the “lame duck session” of the US congress). There is a 50:50 chance the TPPA will not be passed in the US. If this happens, the deal falls over.2 

Even though the TPPA is on the ropes, the Government are still trying to ram the TPPA Bill through Parliament, following an ongoing pattern of polluting democratic process along the way.3, 4 

If they succeed, we are likely to be the only country of the 12 involved in the agreement to have changed our domestic laws before the US vote.

Our question for Parliament is: Why would we change our laws to align with a deal that might fall over? Especially one that - according to polls - a majority of New Zealanders did not want us to sign in the first place.5 

It is not too late for the New Zealand to walk away from the TPPA. The second reading of the TPPA Bill passed through Parliament with a slim majority of 60 to 59. 

If Peter Dunne were to change his position at the upcoming vote, he would change everything.  

New Zealanders from all walks of life and across the political spectrum have shown their opposition to the TPPA time and time again. Call on United Future to listen to your voice and vote against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Amendment Bill today.

Tell Peter Dunne, it's not a Dunne deal!


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