Our people-powered submission on the TPPA

ActionStation members and a TPPA sign

Last month, we asked ActionStation members to contribute to a giant people-powered submission on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. More than 2,500 ActionStation members took part in the process. To give you a sense of what a big deal that is, we've been told by Select Committee staff that the number of submissions they usually receive sits around the 50 - 250 mark.

What we did with your submissions:

  • The ActionStation team read through the 2,000+ submissions we received.
  • Based on all 2000 submissions, we identified the dominant themes and concerns our community has about this agreement.
  • We found about 20 submissions that capture those themes and concerns.
  • We put quotes from those submissions into our covering letter to the Select Committee, in case the Committee members don't read every single one of our submissions.
  • We made sure to include examples from a wide-range of people from all around the country to capture the breadth and depth of our growing movement.
  • We attached a petition signed by more than 72,000 ActionStation members who say no to the TPPA.
  • We also attached all of the submissions we received in full, although we had to remove or edit a few that used "unparliamentary language". We couldn't take the risk our submission wouldn't be taken seriously because of a couple of impassioned words.

And then, on March 11th, we sent through our collective submission to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee. It was pretty impressive!

So, in the interest of full transparency and for a bit of inspiration to see just how awesome, articulate and well-informed the people in our movement are, you can read our joint submission in full below, as well as the supporting documents that we sent through.

We've already heard from the Committee - they confirmed that they received our submission, and we're awaiting details on when we can speak to our submission in an Oral Hearing.

A huge thanks to everyone who took part in this mammoth undertaking of participatory democracy in action. 

Power to the people!


Click here or click the image below to read our submission:

screenshot of submission

Click here or click the image below to read all of our submissions in full:

screenshot of submissions


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