Human Rights

Ending sexual violence

The government needs to increase funding to services working to prevent sexual violence and support victims. We are campaigning to make this happen.

Mental health services

Mental health services are straining under increased pressure and budget cuts. ActionStation is campaigning for quality mental heath services for those who need them.


Years of war in Iraq and Syria have driven millions of people from their homes. ActionStation is campaigning for New Zealand to do our bit as part of this crisis.


New Zealand has a long history of standing up for peace. ActionStation has campaigned to voice concern about troops going to Iraq and the arms trade.

People's Mental Health Review

The review is designed to allow anyone involved with mental health in New Zealand – from mental health professionals to those with either personal or family experience of the system – to tell their story: anonymously if they wish.

Economic Fairness

Workers rights

The rights of workers are at the core of a fair economy. That's why ActionStation is fighting to protect workers rights.

Limiting corporate power

Multinational corporations continue to undermine New Zealand, dodging tax, lobbying against laws that would affect their profits, and pushing undemocratic trade deals. We are campaigning to put people over the interests of multinational's profits.

Prioritising children, families and communities

Our children, families and communities should be at the forefront of our policy making. Unfortunately , New Zealand still has child poverty and our families aren't given the opportunity they need. We are campaigning to change this.

Environmental Protection

Climate Change

New Zealand has a perfect opportunity to transition to a clean energy future and stop polluting our planet. ActionStation is providing a mandate for real climate action.

Protect our rivers

New Zealand's rivers in dire condition. Big irrigation schemes and pollution from farms are damaging our rivers and streams. We are standing up to protect them

Transparent democracy

Democratic Representation

Citizens must have adequate democratic representation for society prosper. We are standing up to make sure our elected institutions remain democratically represented.


The right to privacy is a should be a basic human right. We're standing up to protect it.

Public Interest Broadcasting

Public interesting journalism is at the core of an informed citizenry. That's why we're campaigning to protect journalism that's in the public interest.


New Zealand is slipping down the corruption ranking. This because New Zealand is becoming a tax haven, dodgy deals are going on behind the scenes and our politics is increasingly shrouded in dirty politics. We're campaigning to change this.

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