TAKE ACTION: Help the people at Standing Rock protect their water, land and people

Tell Citibank New Zealand to stop funding the Dakota Access Pipeline 

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As Dakota Access Pipeline construction quickly approaches the Missouri River, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their allies are vowing to continue their resistance against the pipeline—standing strong despite the violent arrests and inhumane treatment by police, and continued threats from government and industry forces.1,2,3 

The pipeline project threatens the water supply for millions of people, destroys sacred sites, and contributes to climate pollution. Thousands of indigenous Americans are putting their lives on the line to stop it and protect their land.  

It can seem like there isn’t much we can do to help while we’re sitting thousands of kilometres away in New Zealand. However, Citibank are the ringleaders of the bank's funding this destructive pipeline. And they have a branch in Auckland.

Billions of dollars of corporate investments are held by Citibank in New Zealand and help to prop up the pipeline.4, 5 

By going after the money, and pressuring Citibank to ditch its stake in the project, we can help those putting their life on the line at Standing Rock for their sacred place.   

Take action by sending Citibank a quick message now! It is sustained public pressure that will do the most good.


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