Stop sexist ‘Pick Up Artists’ from holding a seminar in NZ

This petition was submitted by ActionStation member Nicole Skews-Poole

'Pick Up Artists’ are a community of men who develop strategies to ‘game’ women into sleeping with them. [1] Right now they’re trying to organise a seminar in New Zealand in April, so we’re demanding the Minister for Immigration denies their visas. [2]

The seminar is being organised by Real Social Dynamics - a Pick Up Artist organisation which is lead by 'The World's Most Hated Man' Julien Blanc and ‘Alpha Male’ Jeff "Jeffy" Allen. [3 , 4]

The Pick Up Artist community is founded on tactics like 'negging' and normalising sexual assault strategies in order to achieve sex with women. Many of their strategies are aggressive, manipulative and coercive and all of their strategies reduce women to formulas and use sexist norms against them, like the 'anti slut defense'. [5 , 6, 7]

All of the sexist tropes promoted by Pick Up Artists exist on a spectrum of violence. If we tolerate it off it at 'lower' levels, it feeds the environment that allow the worst sexual and family violence to exist.



In New Zealand 1 in 3 women will experience intimate partner violence in her lifetime - it's an epidemic. [8] And anything that contributes to this - like teaching men to 'game' women in order to get sex - can’t be tolerated.

Sign the petition and tell the Minister for Immigration to deny their visas



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Minister for Immigration Michael Woodhouse

We call on you to deny the visas of the 'Pick Up Artists' Julien Blanc and Jeff 'Jeffy' Allen.

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