John Key, support families this Mother’s Day

We all want babies to get the best start in life, and that means getting to spend those crucial first months of life at home with their mums, dads or caregivers.

However, many families struggle financially and parents are forced to return to paid work before they or baby are ready. Families need more paid time at home with new babies. 

The Government can make this Mother's Day an extra special celebration (for mother, fathers and babies) by agreeing to extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. We’re just weeks away from reaching this important milestone, and a Bill that would enable this change is before Parliament - it just needs public support.

If thousands of us flood John Key's office with e-cards this Mother's Day calling for an extension in paid parental leave we can ensure he knows exactly what Kiwis expect. 

All the evidence supports increasing paid parental leave to 26 weeks. Children, on average, do better cognitively and have fewer behavioural problems if a parent can be home at least part time in their first year. A study of OECD countries concluded that parental leave is a cost effective method in improving child health. [1]

Send a message to John Key telling him that six months paid leave for new parents should be a priority for government spending.

This campaign is being run in partnership with the 26forbabies coalition.


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