Limiting corporate power

Serco have made a bid to run Wellington trains

They've failed to meet 50% of performance targets since taking over Mt Eden Prison. Why would we let them run our trains?

Stop Marketing to Our Children

Through advertising the big junk food industry has a significant influence on our children’s food preferences. Kids are being told that junk food and sugary drinks are desirable. The reality is they’re rotting our children’s teeth.
10,000 signatures

Say No To Serco In Aotearoa

Our money, their profits. Let’s get Serco out of New Zealand.
5,000 signatures

Say No To The TPPA

The TPPA could cost us our privacy rights, access to affordable medicine and the safety of our food. Tell the Minister of Trade to make the negotiations public, and don’t trade away our future.
30,000 signatures

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