Minister Peter Dunne: Stop The Cuts & Let Kiwi Kids Have Books

To Rt Hon. Peter Dunne,


We call on you to stop the cuts to the National Library.


Will you sign?

5,000 signatures

Student access to National Library books will be cut from July.

Shocked teachers say they weren't consulted about the move, and it’s expected to hit rural and technology-poor schools the hardest.

Last year, 16,000 teachers made 40,000 requests for almost a million hard-copy items via the National Library's curriculum topic support service.

The overall savings from the new Services to Schools strategy would be $392,000 a year, that is the equivalent of just one years salary of our highest earning MPs.

We’re calling on Peter Dunne, the Minister responsible for the National Library to stop the cuts, save our libraries and let Kiwi kids have access to books.

'Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.' - Walter Cronkite

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