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Government must act on Shewan Review recommendations

Community campaigning group ActionStation supports the recommendations of the Shewan Review into New Zealand’s trust laws and say the proposed register of trusts should be publically accessible, as per option 3 in the options for reform of the trust laws.

Spokesperson for the organisation, Ryan Mearns, says; “The Shewan Review has shown that  our trust laws are completely inadequate. The Government should adopt all recommendations made in the review, especially the need for a publicly available register of beneficial owners of trusts. This is needed urgently to clear up the reputational damage that has been done by the Panama Papers, showing New Zealand is being used as a tax haven.”

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Small, delayed refugee quota increase deeply disappointing

Members of community group ActionStation say the Government’s decision not to increase New Zealand’s refugee quota for two years is deeply disappointing.

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Update on ActionStation's TPPA Campaign

Crowdfunded big screen stunt at Auckland Airport

Crowdfunded stunt at Auckland Airport welcoming Trade Ministers arriving to sign TPPA

Photo credit: Artur Francisco

Last month, we asked ActionStation members to contribute to a giant people-powered submission on the TPPA. I’m so happy to report that more than 2,500 of you took part in the process and together we’ve created the biggest collaborative parliamentary submission our movement has ever been a part of. To give you a sense of what a big deal that is, we've just been told by Select Committee staff who process the submissions that the number they usually receive sits around the 50 - 250 mark. Check out the references below to read our community’s submission in full, it’s pretty awesome. [1]

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How to make a stand-out submission on the TPPA


The government has opened up the call for public submissions on the TPPA.

We’re collecting thousands of submissions on behalf of ActionStation members, and collating them into one giant people-powered submission that we’ll present to Select Committee in the form of a video and giant letter of concern (think: a massive scroll of paper rolled out at the Committee with tens of thousands of names of Kiwis deeply concerned about the TPPA).

Will you join us and make your voice heard on the TPPA?

submit button 

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How you can help stop the TPPA

We surveyed ActionStation members and others to ask what we as a movement should do next in the TPPA campaign and here is what our community said:

What action should we take? Nationwide rally Media blitz  Petition  Followed by non-violent direct action and occupation of a public space in 4th and 5th.  When should we do it? Saturday Jan 30th The day before the signing   What message should we send? Raise awareness with facts Be positive and focus on the kind of world we want Show our resistance

We used these results to inform discussion at the Auckland TPPA group meeting, where there were activists from It's Our Future and Real Choice present and here is what we decided to do together:

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What next for our White Ribbon campaign?

The White Ribbon Campaign responded to our petition yesterday, describing The Rock’s stunt as “an awful exercise in bad taste” that “helped to perpetuate violence by normalising and trivialising it.” They also asked the Prime Minister for an explanation of his involvement with this “highly offensive” radio segment.[1]

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The people are leading - the politicians will follow

"We are the hope of the future here today. We are what will give the politicians the political courage to do what they have to do. Let’s not wait for them to do it - let’s make them do it" - Steve Abel.

welly march  auck march


Together, we made the People's Climate Marches extraordinary.

This weekend, over 31,000 of us took part in the biggest climate marches New Zealand has ever seen. We were loud. We were diverse. We were incredible. From powerful gatherings in regional towns to teaming crowds in our cities, we made our message unmissable.

Thank you and congratulations to every person and organisation who participated or helped make them happen. Check out this beautiful video of New Zealand's biggest event in Auckland.

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Petition calls on government to fully fund sexual violence support services

On Wednesday 25 November ActionStation members will deliver a petition to Parliament calling on the Government to fully fund specialist sexual violence support services. Female MPs who recently stood in Parliament to disclose that they are survivors of sexual violence will meet ActionStation members to receive the petition.

This Wednesday is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and around the world, people will be calling on governments to do more to prevent violence against women and to support women and girls who survive sexual and other violence. “It is the perfect day on which to deliver our message to to Parliament,” says ActionStation Director, Marianne Elliott.

“When female MPs recently stood up in Parliament to disclose they were survivors of sexual violence, some people claimed they were exaggerating to make a political point. But the cold, hard reality is that these women represent the statistical norm for women and girls in New Zealand, who are amongst the worst off in the world when it comes to sexual violence,” says Elliott, “that’s why we are calling on the Government to fully fund specialist sexual violence support services.”  

Last year New Zealand was ranked below only sub-Saharan Africa, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe when it comes to rates of sexual violence. [1] One in three women in New Zealand experience physical or sexual violence from a partner in their lifetime. Three in four teenage girls in New Zealand reported at least one incident of unwanted sexual activity. Police are called to a family violence situation in our country every seven minutes.[2]

“There is no reason to be surprised therefore, though every reason to be appalled, that of the 40 women MPs in New Zealand at least seven of them have survived sexual violence.” says Elliott, “That is why we started this campaign, to stand in solidarity with all survivors of sexual violence in our country and call on the Prime Minister to put his money where his mouth is: If he claims to stand with the survivors rather than the perpetrators of sexual violence, then he must fully fund the sector that provides essential support to survivors, a sector that this Government has systematically defunded.” [3]


[1] Radio NZ, 'Sexual assault high in New Zealand - Lancet', 14 February 2014 

[2] Women's Refuge 'Face the Facts' - www.womensrefuge.org.nz/

[3] Key's abysmal track record backing sexual violence survivors, http://www.actionstation.org.nz/key_s_abysmal_track_record_backing_sexual_violence_survivors

Petition link: http://www.actionstation.org.nz/itsnotok

Delivery details

Date: Wednesday 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women)

Time: 1pm

Place: Parliament steps, Wellington


Marianne Elliott, National Director, ActionStation

021 110 6086


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Key's abysmal track record 'backing' sexual violence survivors

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