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To: Police Commissioner Mike Bush, Justice Minister Amy Adams and Prime Minister John Key,


"We call on you to apologise to Teina Pora on behalf of the New Zealand Police, Crown and Government for the gross miscarriage of justice in his case. We also support the call from his lawyers for adequate compensation."

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 "I deserve compensation. [But] For me, it's not about the compensation. I want an apology, a state apology from them." - Teina Pora, 24/05/15

21 years ago, Teina Pora was wrongly convicted by the Crown for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett, and again in 2000, based on a confession he made as a teenager. This year the Privy Council quashed those convictions and announced there won't be a retrial. It deemed his confession unreliable because of brain impairment caused by foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). [1]

A large part of the Crown's case for Pora's guilt in both trials was his confession during the five days he was held and heavily interrogated by police in 1993. The Crown successfully argued that no person would confess to a crime they did not commit. As a result of this gross miscarriage of justice, Teina Pora spent 14 years in jail for a crime he did not commit.

Mr Pora's lawyers have applied to the Government for compensation. But he says more important than compensation for him is an apology from the police. [2]

On 25/05/15, Prime Minister John Key went on national television and acknowledged for the first time on behalf of the Crown and Government that Mr. Pora was innocent but also said that for an apology to be issued "that's got to go through a proper process”.

We’re calling on Police Commissioner Mike Bush, Justice Minister Amy Adams and Prime Minister John Key to apologise to Teina Pora on behalf of the New Zealand Police, the Crown and the New Zealand Government for this gross miscarriage of justice. We also support the call for adequate compensation.

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As well as signing the petition, you could also make a donation to the Teina Pora Whanau Trust whose mission is “To support Teina Pora in reintegrating to society after being wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 21 years”.

Teina is hoping to set up his own flat in Auckland. He has been relying on others over the last 12 months but is now ready to be independent. He would like to find and modestly furnish a flat in Auckland. Funding will be used for setting up a flat, attending education courses, living costs, accommodation, transport, materials, supporting family etc. The Givealittle page has been set up by Teina’s support person and a small group of others.

Click here to make a donation

Background info:


Click here to read a more detailed history of the case

Timeline of Teina Pora's case (up to the Privy Council's decision on 3 March): [3]


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