Join The Virtual March Against The TPPA


As the TPPA talks gather momentum, negotiators and decision-makers need to feel the heat of our people-powered movement.

Last year's 10,000+ people march was amazing, so this year let's ramp it up. On Saturday 7th March citizens will march against the TPPA all across New Zealand. To all those politicians who think they can smear, delay, or outlast us, this is our chance to show that our movement is not going away.

To make the most impact we have to create noise everywhere - in the streets, online, on facebook, and in the halls of power.

Join the virtual march by using the form on the right and share your comments or a 15-30 second video of why not signing the TPPA is important to you and why it’s a bad deal for NZ -- all the messages will be printed out, carried by marchers and then hand delivered directly to the next Ministerial meeting. The best video content will be posted and boosted on our social media page to ensure the message reaches even more people and to showcase the diversity and strength of the people who care.

To check information of march times and locations, please follow this link.



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