Join The Virtual March To Stop Deep Sea Oil


This Sunday the 29th of March the international oil industry will descend upon Auckland to hold their annual conference, which will be “the highlight of the New Zealand oil and gas calendar". 

In response to this; Greenpeace, 350 Aotearoa, KASM (Kiwis Against Seabed Mining), and Oil Free Auckland, have called a protest march to oppose the summit and the expansion of the oil industry here in Aotearoa. Thousands of people will gather at Victoria Park at 12pm with drums to send a strong message to the oil industry and government that deep sea oil drilling is not welcome in our oceans.

If you're in Auckland you can join the march and if not, you can add your message of support and solidarity using the form on the right. Laura from the ActionStation team will print (on recycled paper) every single message and carry it with her, on your behalf, on the day. We'll then upload the photos to our Facebook page so you can see that you were a part of the action!




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