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Please note: Based on feedback from supporters and the Electoral Commission, we have pivoted our approach to online voting and converted this very specific petition into a much broader campaign (see the original petition below)

Roughly a million people didn't vote in the 2014 election, making it one of New Zealand's worst turnouts in the last century with youth, marginal and vulnerable people having the lowest representation.

Along with our ally RockEnrol, a non-partisan campaign to increase the youth vote, we are bringing together a coalition of concerned Kiwis who want to find, support and activate solutions to engage ‘the missing million’.

The JESC are the parliamentary select committee responsible for reviewing, recommending and leading changes to the Electoral Act and funding to the Electoral Commission. In early to mid 2015 the JESC will meet to discuss and make recommendations on any changes to the Electoral Act in areas such as online voting, clarity around social media and increases in civics and citizenship education etc.

Our goal is to make the demand for funding and legislative change visible by growing our network, empowering individual and group submissions to the Select Committee and demonstrating widespread public support.

  • We are using the next few months to engage and activate individuals and groups passionate about restoring health to our democracy and increasing voter turnout.

  • We will prepare this group to make submissions to the review process and be ready for action when the time comes.

By signing up below and inviting a friend to do so too, we will be able to keep you up to date about progress on the review and let you know when submissions are open. With preparation and people power, we can be ready to act quickly when the time comes to generate the kind of visible support that we will need if we want to build the political will for change.

More people = more political pressure = more power.

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Original text:

To: The Minister of Internal Affairs

We call on you to put a trial of online voting in place for 2017 national election, if the online voting trial in the local body election in 2016 is successful.

If you would like to remove your support or signature based on the changes above, please feel free to do so on the campaign page, or send an email to and we'll be happy to do that for you.


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