Human Rights and Global Peace

We work together for a peaceful world where all people, everywhere are able to enjoy their human rights, with dignity.

We stand for:

  • Peace and disarmament

  • Rights of prisoners

  • Rights of persons living with disabilities

  • Refugee rights

  • Gender equality

  • Ending gender-based, sexual and family violence

  • LGBTQIA+ rights

Our Campaigns

Ending sexual violence

The government needs to increase funding to services working to prevent sexual violence and support victims. We are campaigning to make this happen.

Mental health services

Mental health services are straining under increased pressure and budget cuts. ActionStation is campaigning for quality mental heath services for those who need them.


Years of war in Iraq and Syria have driven millions of people from their homes. ActionStation is campaigning for New Zealand to do our bit as part of this crisis.


New Zealand has a long history of standing up for peace. ActionStation has campaigned to voice concern about troops going to Iraq and the arms trade.

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