Huge Wave of Support for a locally-led Christchurch

As of today over 1700 people have submitted to the consultation on the future structure of the Christchurch rebuild, calling for a locally-led approach, after member-led campaign organisation; ActionStation, launched their quick submission form on Friday.

Spokesperson, Barnaby Bennett, explains; “Christchurch needs a locally-led recovery to get moving again. The people of Christchurch and the rest of New Zealand understand this clearly, shown by the huge wave of support pouring in as people submit in support of a locally-led recovery for Christchurch.”

The submissions have been collected over the past 5 days. People have submitted through the member-led campaigning organisation ActionStation calling for an end to the emergency powers that have been present in Christchurch since the quakes and returning leadership to the local council and communities. It was reported in The Press on Friday the 24th that only 70 submissions had been received.

Mr Bennett; “The current structure set up to deal with the earthquake recovery is not working, and has resulted in both delays and the exclusion of the public from participating in the recovery. The only way to increase the speed of the rebuild and involve the people of Christchurch is to return leadership of the rebuild to the local council and communities, with the Government in a support capacity.”

Submitters called for the removal of the Earthquake recovery Minister’s ability to amend relevant plans and bylaws directly. They also called for any new agency to be run by the council, community groups, or an independent board that can act without ministerial influence.

Mr Bennett; “If the Government was serious about supporting a locally-led recovery for Christchurch they would should start by removing the Minister's power to override community-led plans and policies. With this power the Earthquake Recovery Minister can effectively hold an axe over the Council’s plans delaying progress even further.”

A video featuring Chris Lynch and Deon Swiggs interviewing various citizens of Christchurch about their views on the proposals has been watched over 30,000 times since its launch on Monday. []

Submissions are due by Thursday at 5PM, and ActionStation are encouraging submissions through their website at



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