Petition the Governor General to demand a binding referendum on TPPA

Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Download the petition (click here to download)

  2. Print both page 1 and 2, double sided on the one sheet of A4 paper. Set your printer to 'landscape' before printing, and for manual double sided printing select 'flip on short edge.' - This makes sure that everyone, including the Governor, gets the same message. We might not be able to accept any signature sheets without this Page 2 printed on the back.  

  3. Go collecting! - Don't get too hung up on people having to fill in the whole of the sheet. Although that is nice, so long as they write their name and sign, that is the key thing.

  4. Send all signed petition sheets to:

    • Amanda Vickers, PO Box 13 367, Wellington 6037 (before 4th Feb!)

  5. Send Amanda an email on to let her know you’ve done this!

  6. Have a cup of tea and give yourself a pat on the back!


  • Leaving the petition places is great

  • Try approaching coffee carts

  • Shops that you have a rapport with could be welcoming

  • Like-minded shops are a good idea to approach to have the petition on the counter, such as organic places, trade aid, art places

  • Also ask at dairies

Otherwise it is friends and family, work places and connections!

If you leave the petition places it might be worthwhile also printing out the press release and leaving it with the petition. You can download that here.


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