How you can help stop the TPPA

We surveyed ActionStation members and others to ask what we as a movement should do next in the TPPA campaign and here is what our community said:

What action should we take? Nationwide rally Media blitz  Petition  Followed by non-violent direct action and occupation of a public space in 4th and 5th.  When should we do it? Saturday Jan 30th The day before the signing   What message should we send? Raise awareness with facts Be positive and focus on the kind of world we want Show our resistance

We used these results to inform discussion at the Auckland TPPA group meeting, where there were activists from It's Our Future and Real Choice present and here is what we decided to do together:

(Please note: This plan is just for the events leading up to the signing on the 4th, there will be more activity after that because even after the deal is signed, it still needs to ratified, which means passed into NZ law)

✔ We will rally nationwide, but we’ll do it a little differently...

Weekend Of Action: Saturday Jan 30th & Sunday Jan 31st - TPPA Free Zones

This weekend of action is about celebrating our communities, informing the public and bringing people together in "TPPA Free Zones" throughout the country.

Here’s what you can do: On Sat 30th or Sun 31st you gather your friends, whānau and members of your community to come together to declare an area of public space in your community a 'TPPA Free Zone'. For instance, in Auckland Frontline Arts Collective will be organising a centrally located event with music, workshops, performances and stalls. We welcome you to do the same sort of thing, no matter how big or small, in your neck of the woods too.

It could be as small as a printed 'TPPA Free Zone' sign on your letterbox or a community picnic in a nearby park with neighbours and friends. It could be as big as a public flashmob in your CBD or a pop-up festival, the sky is the limit! The key here is to keep it positive, celebrate our communities, inform curious passers-bys with handy factsheets (that we’ll send you before your event), take photos (this is essential!) and declare an area of your town or city a 'TPPA Free Zone'.

➜ Register to host a TPPA Free Zone event here.

✔ We will organise a people-powered media blitz 

We don’t have big budgets but we do have a lot of active people. 30,000 people will receive this plan in an email. So over the coming weeks we’ll be sending out expert information, downloadable factsheets and handy tips so that together we can dominate the national conversation. Then with our new-found knowledge, we’ll call our local radio stations, write Letters to the Editors of newspapers, share facts on social media to get everybody talking about the TPPA.

➜ Sign up here to receive a notification when this expert information becomes available

✔ We will raise public awareness about the facts

It's Our Future are organising for International TPPA experts Lori Wallach, from Public Citizen and Professor Jane Kelsey from University of Auckland will conduct a national speaking tour to talk about the latest research, politics, analysis and actions.

Auckland: Auckland Town Hall, 7pm Tuesday 26th January

Wellington: St Andrews Church, The Terrace 7pm Wednesday 27th January

Christchurch: Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral, 7pm Thursday 28th January

Dunedin: Burns Hall, Morray Place at 7pm Friday 29th January

We will support these events by helping to resource them so they can remain free to anyone who wants to attend. 

➜ Click here to sign up to volunteer for one of these events, that would be helping to promote the events, handing out flyers or collecting donations on the day.

✔ We will deliver a petition to Parliament before the signing on 4th Feb

We will be delivering this petition to an MP before the signing on February 4th. We will invite the media and make it a really big deal.

➜ Add your name to the petition here.

✔ We will support the petition to Governor General

A petition calling on the Governor General to command the government to put the question of proceeding with the TPPA to a binding referendum has been launched. It is a paper petition, which means it requires boots on the ground to collect signatures. It’s paper and not online because that is the preferred format for the Governor General when following due processes. Can you help collect signatures in your local neighbourhood?

➜ Click here to help collect signatures

✔ We will march in Auckland on the 4th of Feb

It's Our Future are planning a protest march on Feb 4th down Queen Street in Auckland. 

When: 12pm, Thursday 4th February 2016
Where: Aotea Square, Auckland

The plan: We will gather at Aotea Square at 12pm, ready to march at 12.30pm, then we will march down Queen St. After the protest, please join us for an afternoon of music and entertainment at Victoria Park.

➜ Click here to attend the march 

✔ We will support non-violent direct action 

Real Choice will be hosting trainings and information sessions on non-violent direct action, as well as a non-violent direct action / civil disobedience action on February 3rd and 4th. They are the group (formally known as Show Us Ya Text) that attempted to conduct the citizens-initiated search & seizure for the TPPA text last year.

➜ Read more about Real Choice here and sign up to get involved.

We are committed to the principles of non-violence, and call on all who might take action to respect those principles. Actions that inconvenience the public are likely to focus media attention on any public disruption rather than the TPPA, and achieve little. We call on all those who take action to do so in ways that will meet our common aims.

✔ We will fund this campaign through the power of the crowd

Staying independent allows us to speak up. If you are able to, please chip in what you can to help cover the costs of this people-powered campaign.

Your donation will help fund:

  • Public Information Evenings on the TPPA featuring NZ's own Jane Kelsey and Lori Wallach of Public Citizen USA in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch
  • Factsheets (paid writers and researchers) to demystify the TPPA and what it means for New Zealand
  • Event materials and resources (banners, flyers, posters)
  • Paid media and advertising

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