Glassons got a 'D' for ethics. Tell them that's not good enough

Fashion retailer Glassons has received an overall D-minus rating in a new report designed to expose the exploitation of workers in the industry.

The Truth Behind the Barcode: Australian Fashion Report 2015 surveyed 219 fashion brands on their policies, traceability and transparency, monitoring and training, and workers' rights. [1]

The grades indicate the extent to which a company has traced its suppliers and established systems throughout its supply chain that can enable it to prevent and address worker exploitation and modern slavery.

The clothing chain's poor ranking follows a string of previous controversies for the clothing chain, including using mannequins with their ribs showing to advertise swimwear, and an ad featuring a woman riding a bull which attracted the ire of animal rights groups. [2 & 3]

Tell Glassons you want them to up their game and increase their grade in time for next year's report, and let them know you won’t be shopping there until they take meaningful action.

We’ve made it really easy to email the Head Office of Glassons today.

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