What is people power?

Simply put, people power is the idea that many people together performing small actions can lead to big change. ActionStation believes that power should rest with the people: we provide simple and effective tools for our members to influence the decisions that affect us all. We work together to defend fairness, protect constitutional rights, promote peace, preserve the planet and deepen democracy.


What does ActionStation stand for?

ActionStation stands for a fair and equitable society, a healthy environment and transparent and accountable politics. Independent and member-led, we are affiliated with no political party and answer only to our members.

Much more than just another online petition, ActionStation stands for something radically different to the status quo: restoring true democracy and upending entrench power structures through the extraordinary collective power of ordinary people.

ActionStation is here to enable the large community of Kiwis with shared progressive values to take powerful, coordinated action on urgent issues we care about.

Since the birth of democracy, citizens have acted collectively to hold powerful political & corporate decision-makers to account. The world is changing, the way citizens engage with politics is changing and democracy needs to change with it. There is a growing appetite for mechanisms that enable citizens' voices to be heard between elections in a range of ways.

ActionStation is a vital piece of democratic infrastructure for Aotearoa in the 21st century, here to reinvigorate the our proud tradition of participatory democracy and people power, using the potential of new technology.


How will you create change?

Any way we can get traction!  Online actions like petitions, social media swarms and mass emails to decisions makers. Crowd-funded creative campaigns like TV ads or billboards. Offline actions like creative stunts, vigils or hikoi - and many other on and offline tactics we've seen used effectively by organisations like GetUp in Australia, MoveOn in the USA and 38Degrees in the UK.


Do those methods actually work?

We know that they do. Many established groups around the world have affected big changes through these methods. In the UK, 38Degrees have kept public hospitals open and banned bee killing pesticides. In Australia, GetUp have saved the Tasmanian forests and protected the Great Barrier Reef. You can read about these successes here for 38Degrees and here for GetUp!


Who funds ActionStation?

Action Station is people-powered and member funded - we don't take money from government, so we rely on donations from our members all over the New Zealand to make change happen. We ask members to donate to support work or to fund a specific campaign or a specific action (e.g. to pay for the costs of organising a demonstration or putting up adverts).

If you would like to support our work, we are currently accepting donations via our secure donation page which you can find here. No amount is too small. If you are a foundation interested in funding our work or an individual wishing to give a large gift please contact us at info@actionstation.org.nz

If you would prefer to donate via internet banking, you can do so through our BNZ account: 02 0560 0155430 01.  If you choose this method, please reference your full name and drop us a quick email at taase@actionstation.org.nz so we can be on the look out for your kind donation.


Where do donations go?

ActionStation keeps costs as low as possible by maintaining a small staff so most of the donations can fund campaigns.  Our start up capital was generously donated to us from Global Green Grants. Going forward, we will rely on donations from individuals to help pay for technology, research, equipment and the small office we need to organise campaigns. If you donate in response to a specific campaign your funds will be allocated to that specific purpose including supporting staffing and other direct costs that enable that particular campaign to happen.  if you'd like to make a donation, please click here. Remember, no amount is too small!

If you would prefer to donate via internet banking, you can do so through our BNZ account: 02 0560 0155430 01.  If you choose this method, please use your full name as the reference and drop us a quick email at taase@actionstation.org.nz so we can be on the look out for your kind donation.

Why should I get involved?

We believe wholeheartedly that the best antidote to despair is to do something useful. The events taking place around us can feel overwhelming and leave us feeling like the problems are so big that there is nothing we can do. We know that if lots of people come together and do small actions we can effect big change.


How does ActionStation differ from other organisations?

There are some great organisations working hard here in New Zealand on various causes and we will collaborate with and support them whenever possible.  Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund represent conservation of the environment and animals. Generation Zero and 350 Aotearoa are working for climate change and Amnesty International is working to protect human rights. What makes ActionStation different to these organisations is:

- We are multi issue meaning we are able to support any cause that our members deem important. We engage from mutually held progressive values to let voices be heard across all of the issues.

- We are nimble and can tap moments of urgency and concern, set clear immediate goals, build community and give our members immediate opportunities to respond. We had our ivory campaign up in a matter of hours after it was brought to our attention.

- We utilise people powered decision making, simply put, we take direction from our members - we question, poll and judge response rates We know we are only powerful when we are connected.


What if I don’t know what I can do to help?

The first step is to join us. We will keep you informed of all current campaigns. Small actions of many lead to big change!


How can I get in touch?

Drop us a line! Here is all of our contact information.


How have you made a difference?

We recently teamed up with Auckland teacher Virginia Woolf and policy analyst Fiona Gordon to help stop the trade of ivory in New Zealand for good. We collected 2162 signatures and had our first victory! The Select Committee announced their decision on the petition of calling for a ban on all ivory trading in New Zealand saying: “We support the petitioners in their goal. You can read all about it here: This is just the beginning for us. We believe in what we do and we believe in the power of our members.


How do you decide on campaigns?

Simply put, we ask our members. If you’re concerned about it, so are we and we have the ability to act fast. We had our ivory campaign up within hours of it being brought to our attention and we had over 1000 signatures in less than 48 hours.


How can I donate to Action Station?

Our secure online donation function is up and running, click here to go to our donation page. 


Where do donations go?

We rely on donations from individuals to help pay for the technology, the research, the equipment, the staff and the office overheads we use to organise and run campaigns.  If you donate in response to a specific campaign your funds will be allocated to that specific purpose including supporting staffing and other direct costs that enable that particular campaign to happen. You can find our donation policy here.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Donations to ActionStation are not tax-deductible. We are a non profit but not a registered charity and therefore we do not qualify for tax deductible donation status.


Are you affiliated with any political parties?

No. ActionStation is an independent advocacy group. We don't advocate for any particular political party, but we will support progressive policies - wherever they come from on the political spectrum. ActionStation brings together progressive-minded people from a variety of political associations and voting preferences but we remain independent of any political affiliation. It is because of this political independence that we are able to both work with and critique all political parties.


Does being an Action Station member mean I endorse all of your campaigns?

No. Unlike a political party, being a member of the ActionStation community does not mean you have to support every issue that we campaign on. For each campaign we run, we will send out a message alerting members to the issue at hand and an opportunity to take action. As a member, you'll be provided with ways to get involved with issues that you're passionate about.


Is there a charge to become a member?

There is no charge to join us. We’d love to have you. You can sign up right here.


What is required to be a member?

The only requirement of membership is to take action when you want to, which can be as simple as signing a petition, or attending an event.


Why am I on your mailing list?

We only send emails to people that have taken actions on our website. We don’t acquire email addresses from any third party organisations. If you’d rather not receive emails from us you can unsubscribe at any time. Every email from us contains an unsubscribe link or you can email us at info@actionstation.org.nz


Media questions

For media enquiries please email marianne@actionstation.org.nz




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