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To John Key, Bill English and Anne Tolley,


"One in five children in New Zealand live in poverty. This is not only a national crisis, but an entirely avoidable one, and it’s time to take action. Every year we delay is a year hundreds of thousands of our children cannot get back.

Budget 2015 needs to be a budget to end child poverty.

I’m calling on you to treat all children fairly in this Budget and boost the incomes of the poorest families in New Zealand by including children who currently miss out on adequate state support."

Will you sign?

How a petition can help #endpovertynz

In 80 seconds, our National Director Marianne Elliott sums up how a petition can help end child poverty in NZ.Add your power ➜ Poverty Action Group (CPAG) / UNICEF New Zealand / Tick for Kids / #endpovertynz

Posted by ActionStation on Sunday, 10 May 2015
20,000 signatures

This petition was officially handed to Parliament on 20/05/2015. You are welcome to still sign the petition and we will keep you updated as this campaign progresses. Since handover the Government has announced beneficiary and low-income working families will get a boost of up to $25 a week as part of a child hardship package. It’s not enough, and it has come with some major strings attached, but it is the first increase in core benefits, apart from inflations adjustments, since 1972 and will affect 110,000 families. You can click here to read more.

 One in five children in New Zealand live in poverty. This is a not only a national crisis, but an entirely avoidable one. We know what it would take to turn around the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Zealand children living in poverty, and we have the resources to make it happen.

What we need is political courage. Our politicians need to know that New Zealanders are ready to support real action to create real change for our most vulnerable children, and that's where you come in. 

Child poverty was one of the issues of greatest concern to New Zealanders at the last election and at the time all the political parties assured us that, if elected, they would take real action to end child poverty in our country. The time for that action has come. 

In less than a month the Government will release the 2015 Budget, and what most New Zealanders want is a broad political consensus, with support from all parties, for a Budget that will end poverty for New Zealand children. If 100,000 New Zealanders add their name to this campaign it will be impossible for the government to avoid the question: Is this the Budget to end child poverty?

Poverty is complex, and to eliminate poverty in New Zealand entirely will require a comprehensive approach over the long term. But there are simple, proven ways to make a big difference to the majority of children living in poverty now. So that's where we need to start. 

International research has shown that the most effective and efficient way to improve the lives of children living in the poorest homes is to increase the income coming into those homes. [1] Local research has shown that if they have more income, the vast majority of parents will prioritise spending it on accommodation, power, food and transport in order to do the best for their children. [2] [3]

So together with our campaign partners [4] we are calling on the government to treat all children equally and boost the incomes of the poorest families in New Zealand by including children who currently miss out on adequate state support.

Will you add your name to this call for real change for children living in poverty in New Zealand?



[1] How money affects children's outcomes 

[2] Perceptions of income adequacy in low income families

[3] Household Expenditure Survey 

[4] We are launching this campaign in collaboration with UNICEF, Child Poverty Action Group, NZ Council of Christian Social Services, the Inequality Network and Tick for Kids partners.

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