BREAKING: MediaWorks are about to make a decision on Campbell Live


The Latest (May 21 2015):

Talks held on Campbell Live's fate, By Matt Nippert

Speculation surrounding current affairs show Campbell Live continued to grow yesterday, as the board of TV3 owner MediaWorks met.

MediaWorks are about to make a decision on the future of Campbell Live [1]. We’ve been told the decision could be made as soon as tomorrow.

We need to flood the inbox’s of Mark Jennings and Mark Weldon and be loud and clear that we want them to stop the review and commit to Campbell Live.

Mark Jennings is the head of news at TV3, andMark Weldon is the head of MediaWorks. Collectively they have the power to save Campbell Live or see it go.

It’s come out that they are about to make the decision whether to cut Campbell Live or allow it to continue giving a voice to everyday Kiwis. Our overwhelming response to MediaWorks so far, with over 76,000 of us signing the petition to save Campbell Live, meant they delayed their review of the show. After waiting for the media attention to die down it seems they are hoping that they won’t have to deal with us demanding the show be saved.

We need one last demonstration of people power to demand they commit to John Campbell and his team for the long term, allowing them to continue telling our stories and holding our politicians accountable. Send an email to Mark Jennings and Mark Weldon demanding they commit to Campbell Live.

The work that John Campbell and his team do is at the core of a healthy democracy. This show holds a special place in the heart of many Kiwis, whether it’s standing up for kids in poverty, giving a voice to those in Christchurch who felt ignored by EQC, or reporting on the SkyCity convention centre taxpayer blowouts. For me Campbell Live isn’t just a show, it’s a public service to our country that makes us all stronger. This is why it’s so important that we save Campbell Live.

We’ve all tuned in over the past 6 weeks and Campbell Live is currently the top rating show on TV3. We’ve showed how much we care, and now we need to show one last time that we don’t want to see John Campbell and his incredible team go.

Demand Mark Jennings, the head of news at TV3, and Mark Weldon the head of MediaWorks stop their review of the show and commit to John Campbell and his team.


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