Economic Fairness

We act together to create what we cannot achieve on our own: a society and economy that serves all New Zealanders and the planet we love - instead of serving mostly multinational corporations and the wealthiest 10%.

We stand for:

  • Prioritising children, families and communities in Government spending

  • Limiting corporate power and keeping big money out of politics

  • Protecting workers’ rights and the public services we treasure

Workers rights

The rights of workers are at the core of a fair economy. That's why ActionStation is fighting to protect workers rights.

Limiting corporate power

Multinational corporations continue to undermine New Zealand, dodging tax, lobbying against laws that would affect their profits, and pushing undemocratic trade deals. We are campaigning to put people over the interests of multinational's profits.

Prioritising children, families and communities

Our children, families and communities should be at the forefront of our policy making. Unfortunately , New Zealand still has child poverty and our families aren't given the opportunity they need. We are campaigning to change this.

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