DOC Campaign FAQ

Who is behind this campaign?


This campaign is being run in partnership with Public Service Association - the union that represents people who work for the Department of Conservation.

What does ‘Work to Rule’ mean?*


Union members will:

  • Only work the hours they are paid (including only travelling in work time)

  • Take the breaks they are entitled to

  • Not answer phones or emails outside work hours.

  • Except for emergency Search and Rescue, Fire or Civil Defence call outs, where life or property is at risk, or DOC members are providing essential services, staff won’t do duty hours or be on stand-by.

Basically, they will just do the jobs they are paid for.

DOC workers aren’t taking these steps lightly – but they do want to be taken seriously. What they want is for DOC, the State Services Commission and the government to understand that DOC staff work hard and are entitled to fair pay.

How much do DOC staff currently get paid?


There are a broad range of occupations at DOC. Pay rates start at $33,000. Field staff can be paid anywhere between $33,000 and $60,000.

Most DOC staff are paid well below standard public service rates for similar kind of work and would be paid much better if they worked somewhere else. People typically take a wage cut when they come to work for DOC. DOC has acknowledged this itself.


How much are they asking for?


Initially, DOC members were seeking either $1500 or a 3% increase on base salary. They are now asking for closer to 2 percent, although this depends on negotiations with DOC.

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