Understandably, people are a bit miffed at the prospect of government agencies getting unrestricted access to our private information without a warrant. It's costly, unproven, unethical and not necessary.

Inspired by an Australian campaign that was launched by Beyond Green called “Curious George”. We're encouraging you to cut out the expensive and cumbersome data-retention middleman by cc'ing Prime Minister John Key on all your emails, or sending him your thoughts, texts, status updates, blogs, screenshots, tumblr pages, tweets, streams of consciousness directly!

Simply use the form on the right to send Curious John a message or cc on your emails.

"Perhaps you don't care if your emails, texts and Facebook messages are hoovered up and stored in a US data bank. Or that the GCSB is little more than an outpost of the US National Security Agency. But, with a pending significant review and a likely increase in their electronic reach, there are still a few reasons to take the leaked papers seriously." - Andrea Vance, Silence on surveillance not healthy

For more information on this issue, click here to read this informative piece by Bryce Edwards.



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