REDUCE WASTE: Say No To Takeaway Coffee Cups For A Year

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"New Zealanders produce more than 2.5 million tonnes of waste every year. 75% of which could have been saved." - Ministry of Environment Report, 2011

Each year, New Zealanders produce 2.5 million tons of waste. [1] We have a love affair with coffee and the daily takeaway is somewhat of a ritual.  Sadly, takeaway cups are a real concern for our beautiful environment. Everyday tens of THOUSANDS of takeaway cups are thrown in the rubbish, ending up in landfill. One takeaway coffee a day creates 10 kilos of waste each year - that's a whole tree worth of paper! [2]

You can make a difference and help change these scary statistics, by taking the pledge to use only a reusable coffee (or tea) cup today.

(Video courtesy of Reclaim NZ: The Importance of Recycling in NZ)

This pledge is part of #smallactionsBIGCHANGE where we invite hundreds of Kiwis to commit to one small action throughout 2015 that when amplified by the many can create really big change. The more of us that commit to action, the more impact that action will have. We will track and measure the results to showcase the tangible, overall impact our individual actions are having.


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