The people are leading - the politicians will follow

"We are the hope of the future here today. We are what will give the politicians the political courage to do what they have to do. Let’s not wait for them to do it - let’s make them do it" - Steve Abel.

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Together, we made the People's Climate Marches extraordinary.

This weekend, over 31,000 of us took part in the biggest climate marches New Zealand has ever seen. We were loud. We were diverse. We were incredible. From powerful gatherings in regional towns to teaming crowds in our cities, we made our message unmissable.

Thank you and congratulations to every person and organisation who participated or helped make them happen. Check out this beautiful video of New Zealand's biggest event in Auckland.

It’s not every day that 31,000 New Zealanders take to the streets together. It’s not every day that faith groups, unions, students, doctors, teachers and environmental groups come together to work on an issue. The movement for solutions is bigger and stronger than it has ever been. Some of the older people at the events said they were the biggest expression of people power they had seen in a very long time.

“Toddlers, grandparents, students, unions, church groups and conservationists were among the chanting crowd, which was led through the streets by a brass band.” - Radio NZ

This seemingly simple sentence warms my heart and gives me hope. Why? Because to solve climate change we’re going to have to work together - and these events were some of the best examples of a diverse range of New Zealanders coming together on climate change that I have ever seen.

We’ve done an amazing job this weekend but we need to keep up the pressure. ActionStation is working to give people like you the tools you need to have powerful conversations about climate change.

Can you chip in $20 to help make these trainings happen?

Together, we have sent a loud and bold message to our elected leaders that New Zealanders from all walks of life are taking leadership on this issue. As our leaders set off for the Paris climate negotiations, there were literally tens of thousands of New Zealanders marching through the streets. There is no clearer mandate you could have given.

Let's use this momentum to make 2016 the year for real climate action in New Zealand.

Note: These marches only happened because we were part of a diverse, beautiful movement of many organisations. Thank you to every single one of you!


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