New Zealand has been committing a climate fraud by cheating on its climate commitments

Dear Minister of Climate Change, Paula Bennett,

Fix our Emissions Trading Scheme so we can get a real price on carbon by:

  1. Canceling the fraudulent foreign credits that are being used
  2. Removing the 2-for-1 deal on units and freeze companies’ free allocation of New Zealand Units for a year to clear the backlog of banked credits in the ETS.
  3. Keeping the ETS closed to international trade until we can be certain the system has integrity.

Will you sign?

2,000 signatures

Explosive new revelations show that New Zealand has been cheating on its climate commitments. [1]

The Government has been allowing the use of fraudulent carbon credits that have little or no value, and using them to claim that we are meeting our international climate change obligations. Instead of investing to reduce our emissions here in New Zealand, we have been sending millions of dollars to projects in Ukraine and Russia that have been linked to criminal activity.

New Zealand has an emissions trading scheme that was developed with the intent of putting a price on carbon pollution, but the Government’s changes over the past 7 years have lead to giant loopholes in the scheme that mean polluters get a free ride. The result is that New Zealand, despite achieving its target on paper by using fraudulent carbon credits, has done little in reality to reduce global emissions. This can change though - and it must.

For New Zealand to retain its clean green reputation it needs to close these climate loopholes and stop this fraud. The emissions trading scheme is currently being reviewed - and with a real show of force by thousands of us shaming the Government for this climate fraud, we could force the Minister of Climate Change, Paula Bennett, to stop this dodgy dealing. So sign the petition now to stop this climate fraud.

The longer story is that Ukraine and Russia found loopholes in the international rules for carbon trading. These loopholes allowed them to create millions of carbon credits that had no environmental benefit whatsoever – they were quite simply fraudulent. Other countries cottoned on and stopped dealing with them. Incredibly, New Zealand ended up being the largest customer of these climate criminals because our government was the only one that accepted their dodgy wares. [2]

The effects of this dodging deal have sent the price of carbon units in our Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to virtually zero, hammering our nascent carbon forestry industry. [3] In addition, some companies were issued free units by our Government while also being able to exploit the cheap, fraudulent foreign credits. In some cases, companies were charging more for their products, supposedly because they were paying for carbon credits for their carbon emissions, while in fact getting these credits basically for free.

In other words, they have been able to profit from their pollution at the expense of the rest us. This is the biggest climate fraud our country has seen. The only thing that will stop this fraud from being perpetuated is if we stand up and say no to this dodging dealing.

By signing the petition and telling your friends we can expose this dodging dealing from Government. We can expose this cheating on our climate commitments and that this climate fraud needs to stop, so add your name now. 


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