Gerry Brownlee: Christchurch needs a locally-led recovery!

At the end of the month the Minister for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee, is required to report back to Cabinet with his decision on the final Transition Recovery Plan, including the decisions on the content of the new legislation.

This will begin the process of the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Bill passing through parliament which will replace the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Act. With the first reading of the Bill likely to come up in just a few months, this is what we need to put our energy into influencing now.

As Minister Brownlee considers his options over the next couple of weeks, it makes it a perfect moment to remind him that we are here and we will not settle for what we have now; a government still in “command and control” mode of the rebuild.

Send the Minister and the Christchurch spokespeople for the other parties in parliament a personal email calling for a locally-led recovery. Be respectful and just lay out your reasons for wanting a locally-led recovery for Christchurch.

The draft of the new legislation already states that '“international research shows that, for recovery to be sustainable in the long term, it needs to be ‘owned’ and led by local communities and institutions” -- we just need to put it on the top of his agenda.

This is only the start. We are going to make sure the local community are at the heart of the Christchurch rebuild.


To: Hon Gerry Brownlee (Minister of Earthquake Recovery)

CC: Ruth Dyson (Labour Party Christchurch Spokesperson), Eugenie Sage (Green Party Christchurch Spokesperson), Denis Orourke (NZ First Christchurch Spokesperson), Marama Fox (Maori Party Deputy Leader)

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