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ActionStation is a member-led, multi-issue campaigning organisation. We get ideas for campaigns from our members, volunteers, allies and tea. Before making a suggestion for a campaign, please take a moment to consider the following:

Does your campaign idea:

  • Fit within the broad priority areas identified in our first member survey (i.e. a fair and equitable society, a healthy environment and transparent and accountable politics)?

  • Have a clear 'ask' i.e. something specific that can be done about them?

  • Have a clear 'target' i.e. someone who can do something about them?

  • Have a clear 'theory of change' i.e. it is at least logically possible that if our members take a certain action in large enough numbers, that positive change could happen?

  • Have a strong 'moment' of opportunity i.e. is now the right time to act on this, e.g. a good media story or a looming decision deadline?

Fill in the form to make your campaign suggestion. Every suggestion will be read by a member of our team. There are five questions. The five questions are:

  1. What's the problem?
  2. Is there someone - a person or a family - with personal experience of this problem who are willing to share their story?
  3. How can can the problem be solved? Who can make the decision to solve it? Is there a deadline for that decision to be made?
  4. Is there already a community who want this change to happen? Are we able to communicate with them?
  5. How does your campaign idea align with the ActionStation values?

We just need your contact information:

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