Flood the phone lines, help stop TPPA

We need you to call the following people:

John Key - 04 817 6800 

Tim Groser - 04 817 6811

Jonathan Coleman
(04) 817 6818 (Parliament)
(09) 419 8021 (Northcote Electorate)

Todd McClay
(04) 817 6838 (Parliament)
(07) 348 5871 (Rotorua Electorate)

and tell them it's time to walk away from this dodgy deal.

Here’s a suggested script you can use, it’s only a guide though, it’s important to talk from your own experience. Once you've made the call please use the feedback box to leave us a message about how it went. You won’t make it through to John Key or Tim Groser, the main thing is that whoever you talk to passes on your opposition to the TPPA.


Hello. My name is [your name]. I’m calling to raise my concerns about the TPPA and to ask John Key/Tim Groser to stand against the deal.

[They might ask you to send an email instead, you can do that here. But if you've already done this, just ask if your message can be passed on]

I’m calling in response to the TPPA negotiations that are happening right now in the US and to tell you about my opposition to this deal.

  1. Why is the deal being negotiated in secret? I know this is usual practice for a trade deal, but this is about much more than trade. There is too much at stake. I feel we need to know exactly what our government is committing us to, before the deal is done. We will only see the text once everything is agreed and by then it’s too late to change anything. I am not comfortable with that.

  2. I'm concerned about the effect on medicine costs, and how that will affect Pharmac. I saw recently that a CEO in America increased the price of an HIV/AIDS medicine from $13.50 a pill to $750!  With the TPPA in place, I’m worried big pharmaceutical companies will tighten their grip on medicine prices, by preventing competition from cheaper generic medicines in New Zealand.

  3. Why are we giving foreign investors the right to sue NZ? I know that ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) provisions are in the China Free Trade Agreement but this trade agreement is with America - the country that uses lawsuits more than any other in the whole world! Australis have already had to pay more than $50 million of taxpayer funding in legal fees to fight tobacco. I don’t want that to happen here.

  4. How come Parliament doesn’t even get to have a vote? As far as I understand it Parliament only votes on changing existing NZ laws to fit the TPPA after the deal is done. This doesn't seem at all democratic to me.

[Or something else entirely? Why are you passionate about this campaign? You don’t need to be an expert to tell your MPs where you stand.]


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