CLIMATE NY RESOLUTION: Pledge To Ditch Dirty Energy in 2015

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"Clean energy creates four times more jobs than oil." - Greenpeace Report; The Future Is Here NZ

We know this feels like a big one and we're not asking you to install solar panels on your roof. (But if you want to, here's a link) There are lots of other things you can do, including easily switching to a power company that makes this a priority (like this one or this one). We're making a huge list of people pledging to ditch dirty energy in favour of a better and cleaner provider. Every name on this list is a potential customer lost and will put the pressure on power companies that are not prioritising renewables. By taking the pledge, we’ll ensure you hear about companies we find that are doing it right, as well as opportunities to fight for renewable energy in the coming months.

Pledge to ditch dirty energy in 2015.

This pledge is part of #smallactionsBIGCHANGE where we invite hundreds of Kiwis to commit to one small action throughout 2015 that when amplified by the many can create really big change. The more of us that commit to action, the more impact that action will have. We will track and measure the results to showcase the tangible, overall impact our individual actions are having.

Will you sign?

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    I just pledged to put my $$ where my mouth is & ditch dirty energy in 2015. Join me?
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