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"To the Members of Parliament in the National Party,

We call on you to support a full ban of cosmetic testing on animals."

In a global trend towards cruelty-free products, many countries, including Israel, India, the 28 member states of the European Union and the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, have banned cosmetics animal testing. A similar ban here would mean no more animals would suffer crude, outdated and cruel tests for the sake of beauty in New Zealand. No more chemicals dripped into the eyes of rabbits. No more rats force-fed chemicals to find the lethal doses of products no one would dream of swallowing anyway.

Although animal testing for cosmetics does not occur in New Zealand,  many big brands [1] still test their products and ingredients on animals overseas, then sell their products on supermarket shelves here. Companies are not legally required to make it public if they test on animals and there are concerns that if New Zealand doesn't implement a ban international manufacturers may look to NZ as somewhere animal tests can still be done as more and more countries ban them.

Political support to end this cruelty is growing. The Greens have introduced a Bill [2] to Parliament that would ban cosmetic testing on animals. And they are not the only party looking to end cruel animal tests. The Labour Party also supports this. [3] 

With so many ingredients that are already known to be safe readily available for companies to use, and many non-animal based tests [4] now available, it's time to take the ugly side out of beauty products.

Today the animals need your voice. Help secure critical support for the Greens' Bill to ban the cosmetic testing on animals. Sign the petition to the National Party and urge them to support the amendments to the Animal Welfare Act.

One of our team members will join Miss Universe New Zealand, staff members of NZAVS and others from the Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign, and SAFE to hand-deliver your signatures on Monday.

Together we can get cruelty out of cosmetics.

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