What is ActionStation?

Welcome to a new kind of politics: one that’s all about us, taking action together, in small everyday ways as well as bigger ones – in order to hold decision-makers accountable, protect the best of what makes Aotearoa New Zealand wonderful, and shape an even brighter future.

ActionStation is the new force for people who believe in a fair and flourishing New Zealand. Together we are building a vehicle for people of all backgrounds to unite independent of party politics, special interests and the usual labels that divide us.

We act together, in new ways and in real time, to create what we cannot achieve on our own: a society, economy and democracy that serves us – everyday people and the planet we love.

ActionStation believes in a New Zealand that is fair and flourishing, with courage and compassion at its core.

We believe in a robust democracy powered by informed and connected citizens, guided by accountable leaders.

We believe in putting everyday people and our precious planet first, and building a society and economy that truly serves us.

What does that mean in practice?

ActionStation is a digital community connecting you with thousands of like-minded people and providing you with opportunities to take collective action on issues that matter to you. Our job is to connect you up with others, so that your voice has more impact and power to hold political and corporate interests to account.

What kind of actions?

All sorts. Online actions like petitions, social media swarms and mass emails to decisions makers. Crowdfunded creative campaigns like TV ads or billboards. Offline actions like creative stunts, vigils or hikoi - and many other online and offline tactics we've seen used effectively by organisations like GetUp in Australia, MoveOn in the USA and 38Degrees in the UK. 

What kind of issues?

ActionStation stands for a fair society, a thriving environment, human rights and global peace, and transparent accountable politics. Every week there will be dozens of opportunities to mobilise for collective action. Informed and led by our members, we'll choose the issues and actions that have the greatest potential to contribute to those four broad aims. 

What impact are we having?

Read our 2016 Annual Report to see how much impact we are having as an organisation.

Here is our annual report from 2015.

Who's behind ActionStation? 

Independent and member-led, we are affiliated with no political party, and answer only to our members. ActionStation is a not-for-profit organisation and relies on donations from real people to fund its work and in-kind donations from the public. We do not accept donations from political parties or the Government. 

If you think that ActionStation is a much needed solution to the problem of political disengagement and you want to see us thrive -- then please join us.

If you'd like to know more please have a look at our FAQ page here.

Meet the ActionStationHQ team


Marianne Elliott is our Director of Story and Strategy. As a human rights lawyer Marianne worked for the UN in Afghanistan, and with non-governmental organisations in the Gaza Strip and Timor Leste. Marianne is dedicated to the causes of human rights and global disarmament and peace, with considerable experience in building online communities, social entrepreneurship and storytelling. She has also worked for the New Zealand Human Rights Commission and Oxfam, has contracted to various UN agencies and social research agencies and is co-owner of two Living Wage restaurants.

"We all have a role to play in building a better future, and that's why ActionStation is about people-powered change.


Laura O’Connell Rapira is our Director of Campaigns. She is also the Co-Founder of RockEnrol - a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to building and activating political power for young people.

Laura is passionate about unleashing the power of the crowd through digital and community organising, effective collaboration and values-based campaigning. She is a Live The Dream 2014 Alumni with Inspiring Stories Trust.

"I love the idea, the energy, the team, the networks, the mana, the opportunity and the timing. The time for something like ActionStation is now, and it is an honour and a privilege to be involved."


Rick Zwaan is our Campaigner supporting all our campaigns. Rick’s previous work includes leading the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association advocating for student rights, coordinating the Wellington Local Body Election Campaign for the Green Party, as a climate change researcher for Dr Kennedy Graham MP, representing New Zealand young people at international climate negotiations and travelling around the country with The ReGeneration Trust showcasing inspiring community change makers.

“We all play a part in cultivating positive social and environmental change in Aotearoa and I see ActionStation as a key vehicle enabling the our collective power to be realised.”

Eliot Pryor

Eliot Pryor is our Community Campaigns Manager looking after OurActionStation and supporting your campaigns. He was formerly Campaign Director of the animal advocacy group SAFE and had roles previous to this with Amnesty International NZ. He has adventured to different corners of the globe but always comes back to Aotearoa.

 “ 'Democracy' is Greek for 'strength of the common people'—it is something that was invented, has been given to us, and it's up to all of us to perfect. ”




Meet the ActionStation Board


Megan Salole is ActionStation's board chair. She is a social entrepreneur in Wellington, initiating projects that bring about a more connected, conscious world. She ran an award winning design company for a decade, and was the champion of ActionStation after managing a much celebrated national political campaign in 2011, increasing the vote share by 60%.


Lani Evans is a CEO, adventurer, avid promoter of generosity and advocate for good climate change policy. She is Co-Chair of the Thankyou Charitable Trust, a grant-making organisations that has developed an innovative 'pay-it-forward' funding model that puts the decision making in the hands of communities. Lani's past adventures include running national youth organisation The ReGeneration Trust, creating a series of 60 documentaries about inspiring community changemakers and being one of the first women to successfully walk the length of the South island via the Southern Alps.


Phill Coxon is our Treasurer. Phill runs his own consulting business (Get Results Limited) in Christchurch.  He is also heavily involved with the Enspiral group based in Wellington which is doing amazing things to make the world a better place, one social enterprise at a time. Phill is Enspiral Foundation’s Financial Operations Manager, Collaborative Funding Manager and is a Enspiral Services Limited Director. He also co-leads the Enspiral Services Limited Lean Lab Team


Christine is communications professional with 15-years senior government experience developing and managing successful public relations strategies for government and NGOs She is an accomplished, creative writer and award winning social media strategist, with a strong crisis communications and media relations background. She is passionate about human rights, and wants to help New Zealanders realise that human rights need to start here at home in Aotearoa with issues that impact all of our lives such as homelessness, poverty and abuse.


Allie is a litigator in a large national law firm. As well as bringing much needed legal expertise to the Board, Allie’s work with corporate and government clients, combined with her passion for social justice, diversity and sustainability, gives her an understanding of and tools to negotiate corporate and government worlds and aids her goal of facilitating positive change, step by step. Allie is on the board of trustees of her son’s Intermediate School and she volunteers at Community Law Otago.


Graham has fifteen years direct involvement in governance and management roles in iwi, communities and neighbourhoods in Wellington and Tauranga Moana, and strong relationships with other iwi and communities throughout Aotearoa. He provides cultural supervision to local agencies, training local health and social service providers in Whānau Tū Whānau Ora (a Whānau Ora service delivery model), speaking to groups and organisations about community development and the imperative for generosity in relationships within and without communities, and about biculturalism and the centrality of whakawhanaungatanga in engaging Māori communities.


Garth has an extensive nonprofit governance experience. For six years he was national director of a major advocacy group for low-income and disadvantaged people in Australia. He has taught for 18 years in a graduate programme on not for profit leadership, has a keen interest in research-you-can-use, and is widely published on government/nonprofit relations. Garth also brings strong political analysis - he ran a national advocacy nonprofit in Australia; operated in Cabinet minister's office, serviced a Parliamentary inquiry, participated in several government advisory bodies; and managed a government policy unit.

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