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    ANOTHER OPEN LETTER to Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess.

    Your email of the 8 September 2014 refers. In that you decline to pursue further the fact that Commissioner Bush and you yourself perverted the course of justice in the Garrett case though I note that you do not though deny the facts as I have presented them. You also dismiss the alternate perspective of systemic failure by the Police as an institution arising from the prevailing culture of sexism, arrogance and misplaced loyalties of the time. Your disregard for pursuing any form of justice in the case does not detract though from the fact that:

    a. The manner that the complaint was taken by the police was not in accord with the prescribed procedures to ensure its integrity and this allowed the complainant’s words to be distorted. To further that end (then) Detective Bush failed to implement the prescribed procedures for the investigation of a serious sexual crime and was complicit in hiding the facts for three months.

    c. That to ensure the above facts were not presented to a later properly convened Commission of Inquiry you engaged in a manipulation of the criminal justice system by reopening the original, stale, rape complaint, contrary to the wishes of the victim who wanted the original cover-up independently investigated, not the rape, thus preventing the Commission of Inquiry from learning of the police corruption manifest throughout the handling of her rape complaint. You claim that it was the Commission itself which declined to hear from Ms Garrett and this is true. What you omit to acknowledge is that you left them no alternative by your actions in re-opening the rape case without just cause and on a false premise. You perpetuated a miscarriage of justice under the guise of acting to prevent such an occurrence.

    Since you refuse to acknowledge that there were either acts of individual culpability or systemic failures with the institution of the Police I am left with no alternative but to seek an independent inquiry into the injustices perpetuated against this rape complainant over some 24 years, to formally establish which was the case. Note, beyond any prospect of misunderstanding it is not the issue of whether a rape was perpetuated or not, but how the facts and procedures were distorted to deny the victim a fair and impartial investigation of her complaint and how that injustice was allowed to continue by blaming the victim.

    I see no reason to continue communication with you since you have a vested interest in maintaining the rape cover up so successfully perpetrated until now. Indeed, I, along with a growing proportion of the New Zealand public, am find it increasing difficult to maintain any faith in the integrity of any of our police, at least at its higher echelons of administration. I have always asserted there are many good and principled police officers within the New Zealand Police. Unfortunately, you Sir, are not one of them.


    Dip SoWk, C.Q.S.W.

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