We act together to create what we cannot achieve on our own: a society, economy and democracy that works for us - everyday people and the planet we love

Our Campaigns

Human Rights and Global Peace

He Mana Tangata, He Ao Rangimārie

We work together for a peaceful world where all people, everywhere are able to enjoy their human rights, with dignity.

A Thriving Environment

He Taiao Momoho

We work together to create a society, economy and democracy that protects and ensures the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity.

Transparent Democracy

He Kawanatanga-ā-Iwi

We work together to protect, promote and enhance a robust and open democracy and make sure everyone has easy, and meaningful, ways to participate and be heard.

Economic Fairness

Whai Hua te Tika

We act together to create what we cannot achieve on our own: a society and economy that serves all New Zealanders and the planet we love.

Over the last 2 years we've....

  1. Laid our foundation

    April 2012

    A small group of people wanted to see if there was an appetite for a new movement in NZ to mobilse thousands of Kiwis, to engage on important issues, and hold politicians accountable. They raised $10k in four days and set about laying the foundation for ActionStation, building a community, testing out campaign topics and securing launch funding.

  2. Launched

    July 2014

    With set-up funding from Global Green Grants, and a new team in place, ActionStation launched offically with a campaign focused on the 2014 General election. In the week before the election we crowdfunded to place a full page ad in the Herald calling for clean politics and a restoration of the core checks and balances of democracy.

  3. Defended Public Interest Journalism

    March 2015

    In our biggest campaign to date more than 75,000 New Zealanders took action in defence of public interest journalism as part of the Save Campbell Live campaign. After John Campbell moved to Radio NZ, this campaign broadened to look at all forms of public interest broadcasting and journalism.

  4. Tackled Child Poverty

    May 2015

    A coalition campaign with UNICEF, Child Poverty Action Group, NZCCSS and the Tick for Kids network resulted in an increase in core benefit levels for the first time in 34 years, helping the lowest income families in New Zealand put food on the table and a roof over their heads.

  5. Welcomed Refugees

    September 2015

    Thousands of ActionStation members joined other New Zealanders in vigils held all over the country to honour people who had lost their lives fleeing war, conflict and oppression, and to call on the New Zealand Government to double the number of refugees welcomed to our country each year.

  6. Opposed the TPPA

    February 2016

    More than 55,000 ActionStation members take action to say no to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement including by making submissions, signing petitions, sending emails and making calls to MPs, joining marches, and chipping in to fund our own TPPA Facts website and a massive projected sign at the location where trade ministers from around the world had gathering to sign the deal.

  7. Funded Canterbury Mental Health

    April 2016

    When the Government attempted to cut funding from mental health services in Canterbury, more than 10,000 ActionStation members took action. They signed petitions, emailed the Minister, shared their personal stories and chipped to make a video of one member's story. In response, the Government announced a backdown on these cuts and an extra $20 million in new funding for mental health services over the next three years.

  8. Strengthened Member Leadership

    May 2016

    We launched the new community-led campaign platform: OurActionStation, and established a Member Review Panel, tasked with reviewing and approving campaigns proposed on that site. Hundreds of people signed on to become formal voting members in advance of our annual Members Meeting, and together they proposed and passed changes to our constitution, and elected new Board members.

  9. Defended Fresh Water

    July 2016

    When the Ashburton District Council tried to sell offs 40 billion litres of pure water from the town's aquifers to a bottled-water company, the community fought back and ActionStation members - together with SumOfUs - stood with them, raising the funds to put a huge billboard on a truck at the Council meeting, and the council backed down.

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